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Kanzo Senp

See what a Kanzo Senp is!

Kanzo senp, which translates directly to simple kanzo, is the first grade of initiation into Vodou tradition.  Undergoing the simple kanzo, makes one a hounsi kanzo.  Hounsi kanzos are the backbone of any Vodou house, as they are singers, dancers, and much more. 
We will be having a kanzo senp ceremony in the Sosyete, it will be a kanzo ceremony, that only produces hounsi kanzos. 
The ceremony will be held in August (hopefully) and we are inviting you to come!  For more info email me at
A kanzo senp is a week long ceremony.  What happens during the kanzo senp:
Candidates undergo the sacred baths. These seven sacred baths are conducted and candidates undergo a ceremonial death. 
Candidates undergo the Kouche kanzo.  During this ceremony, a chire and kouri Ayizan goes on.  At around midnight, candidates are secluded in the djevo.
Candidates undergo the brule zen ceremony.
Initiates are "leve kanzo" and are later baptised.
After which, one goes for 41 days under certain ceremonial restrictions.  After the 41 days, initiates "dessan kolye" or take down their kolyes and are Hounsis for life.  They will have finished the kanzo cycle.
Candidates should expect to arrive in Haiti, on August 9th and leave August 16th. 

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