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Lwa Stuff


Come here and check out the wonderful things that can be purchased in service to the Lwa Ginen!  Photos coming soon.

Vodou outfits:  Beautiful dresses and Boubous, and African style outfits used in Vodou service.  Made by Houngan Gate Sa himself.  We have outfits for all of your favorite lwa,  pink dresses for Ezili Freda, Boubous for future Houngans (or Vodouisants), karabel outfits (worn by Houngans and Mambos all the time), Shirts for Azaka.  Email me for more information:
Dresses-200 $  (choose colors for lwa)
Boubou and pants set- 175
Shirts for Azaka- 50
penitant clothing- 75
Karabel outfits- 225
Mushwa-  These are used in service to all the lwa.  We have all colors that are used in Vodou service, and they are very very large mushwas.  Each Mushwa individually -8 $
Libiation bottles-  Handmade bottles used to serve the Lwa.  We have bottles for Ogoun, Ezili, Azaka, and much more
75 $
Vodou cassette-  Houngan Gate Sa teaches Vodou songs to major lwa, such as Legba, Marassa, Ezili Freda, Ogoun, Dantor, Gran Bwa, La Ren Kongo and more- 25 dollars

Need other things?  Email me at