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Empowering Seminar Being Held by Houngan Gate Sa's Sosyete!

Siete Puntas sits on a machete
The point of the machete is used as her seat, where she actually balances herself!

  Empowerment is a very important thing in one's life.  Vodou is an empowering tradition.  It changes your life.  One is able to communicate with the spiritual world and handle real world problems.  Vodou can diagnose a problem, both on a physical and spiritual level.  Then we, Vodouisants, can work on the spiritual.  Every action has a reaction.  The reaction being that things work out for people on the physical plane.  The lwa love us and serve us.
  What do the Lwa do for us?  Why all this service?  Number one, the lwa protect us.  They keep us from all sorts of misfortunes as well as bad magick, magick directed at us for harm.  They also give us advice.  This advice is very important, and one should follow it to the "T".  They help us avoid pitfalls and bad luck.  They bless us.  They work magick for us.  They heal, create pwen, give us luck, confer blessings, help us materially, help us with enemies.  All sorts of things.  We serve because the lwa serve those that serve them.  It is all really simple, really! 
One of the best things the lwa do for us is show up in possession.  On the physical level, then, we can encounter them and receive their blessings and advice.  One thing that Vodou did to empower me was to give me the ability to invoke possession.  I have a djab that I inherited, through a family member, and now I am able to call that Lwa into possession.  Possession is desirable in Vodou, and one of the aims of the Lave Tet and Kanzo is to cleanse, fortify, and baptise the head in order to undergo possession.  Non initiates get possessed though too, even people who have never even undergone a Lave Tet. 
  The djab I inherited is known as Siete Puntas.  This literally translates to seven points.  Alot of what I know about her come via dreams and reports from after possession.  My family could not report me very much information about her, as my Grandmother did not undergo possession during her lifetime.  I learned of her from my family after a series of dreams of her, where she conveyed to me much information about herself. I later talked with my Grandfather and other family members about her.  They told me what they knew about her and that she walked with my Grandmother.  They couldn't give me much information about her service as my Grandmother often served her in secret.  She didn't let people see when she was being served her special offerings.  So, Siete Puntas herself taught me how to serve and work with her.
  She is quite the psychic too!  Sometimes I call her to consult a client, usually upon request.  She then looks into the palm of her hand, using it as a "mirror", and divines for the person.  When I do a ceremony for her, I set up and ceremonially prepare a special table for her.  After being possessed by her, at one ceremony, the uncle of the man who commisioned the ceremony came to me and told me he almost pooped his pants when she told him things about his life.  (Can't use his exact words here!)  She told him things that only he himself had known and had worked hard to keep secret.  He is also a Santero, and it shocked him that a mystery would be able to so easily see his business.  I hadn't even known that he was a Santero.  He had specifically come to see that his nephew would not be ripped off.  But he left very happy and impressed.  Since then, he has commisioned a ceremony on the behalf of Siete Puntas himself.  He also calls me frequently and we've become quite good friends.
  Siete Puntas has also healed a woman with sores all over her body.  She works magick tirelessly on the behalves of my clients. One person got a winning scratch off, winning three thousand dollars, after a wanga worked for her by Siete Puntas.
  One thing that is especially great that Siete Puntas does is the conference of a pwen.  This pwen enhances a person's magickal capabilities and strengthens his magick.  This pwen is activated and used in certain ways to enhance magick and magickal abilities.  This information is given to them by Siete Puntas.  Other than a Lave Tet and a Kanzo, this is a good ceremony that seriously affects and builds on one's ability to do magick.  I conduct these ceremonies a couple times a year, and many times on commision at the time desired by a client.  It takes three days.
  One of the first things I do is divination for the person.  It is best if this can be done in person, so that I can call the djab to see for them.  She comes and tells the person what is happening with them, the roots of problems and other things that the person may need to know.  After that, she will give a list of things that a person may need to add to their ceremonies to increase their powers.  Then, on the first day of the ceremony, she removes negativity from the client, bad magick, and gives them luck.
  The second day she will put the person in alignment with himself.  Mostly aligning their abilities, to make the energy and power flow better.  This is also done so that the power will not go straight to the person's head.  To make sure they can handle it, so to speak.
  Lastly, she constructs one of seven pwens for the person.  She chooses the appropriate pwen to work for the person. She also constructs it to work specifically for them.   Then she will confer this pwen to the individual.  She gives specific advice and directions on it's use and necessary ceremonies and activations.  She lets the person know how to use their pwen in different ways.  She also tells them which ways are best for them.  It is indeed a very good ceremony.  Everyone I know who has received it, I have received very good feedback from.  I also thank God, Ginen and Siete Puntas that these people have not let it get to their heads either.  One person who received it, uses it to get clients to her hotel whenever things are slow.  Another has used it to receive love and money and it has brought her a wonderful caring man.