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The Power of Ogoun


Look at results from Houngan Gate Sa's recent Ogoun service!

Feeding Ogou's Machetes

Awhile back, I assisted some people on a board to conduct a service to Ogou.  Now the service to Ogou was a very general one.  This is because the spirits that are classified under Ogou is a nation. (nasyon)  Well, I had beautiful results with the Ogou service.  Let me give you a short version of what happened.
  First I set up a very nice altar for Ogou, using his sacred objects. Then I started to sing the Priye Ginen to start off the service.  After this,  I sang opening songs as well as do my salutes.   I then presented him with his offerings.
I started feeling the heat!  It was really going well!  I could feel Ogou coming.  I cried out:
Ogou rele, neg panama eh!
Ogou rele, neg panama eh!
Ogou rele, si neg la frape m a te, ou pap konnen sam peze!
So I danced and danced, and danced some more, more.  At that moment, an initiation candidate stopped by my home to have some lessons.  (She came earlier than expected!).  Someone had let her in, so she walked into the room where I was conducting the Ogou service.  I didn't notice her come in, until I felt a bump on me.  Guess what!  Ogou mounted my candidate for his service!  He ate his food, drank his rum, gave me some words of advice, and promised to get me a gift for all the work I had put into doing his service.  Then he left.
I was extremely happy to see my candidate expierence possession and I laughed as I made her some food and drink.  She sat down at the kitchen table as I prepared some breakfast, and the phone rang.  I answered the phone, and it was a friend.  She said she wanted to sell me a car! (I haven't really had a good car since I got back to the states).  I asked her for the price, but it was too high.  So, I told her I would think about it.  Later on, she called again, lowered the price, and at that time someone decided to buy the car for me as a gift!
Woy Woy the power of Ogou! 
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