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Wanga (Magick!)


A wanga on Dantor's pwen

For a Better Understanding of Vodou Magick!

One of the many skills that Houngans and Mambos have is the ability to conduct fast acting and effective magick.  Vodouisants make great magicians!  houngans and Mambos have a vast magickal capability which is used to achieve all sorts of ends for a client.  Luck, love, money work, health, and revenge on enemies are just some of the many that a Houngan or Mambo may be commisioned for.   Uninitiated Vodouisants do successful magick too.  Houngans and Mambos djakout, medysen fey, bokors, Makaya priests, and kwakwa practicioners are just some of the uninitiated Vodouisants that have a successful practice.
Wanga are performed by Houngans and Mambos to attain a certain end or goal for a client.  One of the great things about wanga is that it allows people to control their lives.  That's empowering!  There are times when people do not take enough action and that leaves them feeling depressed or with a heavier load of problems.  Oftentimes clients ask me if a certain goal is unusual to ask for, here is a list of some common goals requested:
1.  Attract a specific man/woman or a lover
2.  Seperate two people
3. Money
4.  Business success
5.  Hex removal
6. General cleansings
7. Gambling luck
8. Protection
9. Revenge on enemies
10.  Healthwork
11. Improve dreaming
These are just a few of the many things that are requested.  Along with wanga, clients also may want to pay a debt to a lwa, have a reading, buy a pwen, or have a ceremony for a lwa. 
As well as becoming kanzo, Houngans and Mambos study very hard to know what we know.  We are professionals, therefore charge for our services.  The better the service, the higher the Houngan or Mambo will charge.  Magick is expected to bring fast physical results.
" . . . by the next day your (Houngan Gate Sa) magick starts working, and usually by the third day it has unfolded and come to completion"
Q:  What is the longest it will usually take a wanga to work?
A:  It can start working before it has even been started! But one should see results within 21-28 days
Q:  How much does a wanga cost?
A:  This depends on the ability of the Houngan or Mambo  tying the wanga as well as the complexity of the wanga.
Q:  Do premade magick sets (do it yourself) and kits work?
A:  Most of the time no.  This is because everyone's situtation is individual.  So, therefore it is best most of the time to have one's magick tailored to one's self.  Oftentimes one is buying product that has not been prepared magickally at all.
Q:How is it best to start one's magick?
A:  It is often best to have the Houngan or Mambo do a divination so that he/she can get to know the root of your problem as well as the best possible ways to solve it.  Sometimes the solution is easier than one thinks and this allows us to resolve one's problems quicker.
Q:  Is it unusual to get revenge on an enemy through wanga?
A:  No, this is not at all an unusual request.
Q: What may the Houngan or  Mambo need from me in order to do the wanga for me?
A:  If it is to affect a specific person it is often best to have some objects that belong to that individual.
Q:Am I guaranteed results?
A:  No, a Houngan or Mambo is not God.  Anyone who guarantees you results is lying to you.
Q:  Are some wangas quicker/stronger?
A: Yes, a faster/stronger wanga of course is more complex.
These are just a few of the many questions. 

Notice Danto's dagger
Wanga tied by Mambo Ezili Danto

Have questions about wangas?  Need more information?  Need a competent Houngan or Mambo?  Email me: