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I want to introduce myself. I am Houngan Gate Sa Daginen. I am a Houngan (priest) Asogwe of the Haitian Vodou tradition. In this website, you will find pages on how to serve different lwa(spirits of the Vodou tradition), information on the tradition, and much more. So relax, take a break, and have a look around. Have any questions? You can email me at

Finding correct information on Vodou is not easy. I understand this. I will be providing you with correct information on all sorts of topics on Vodou. But I am sure I cannot cover them all, so if you would like to email me with comments feel more than free to. Houngans and Mambos are priests and priestesses of Vodou, respectively. We hold the secrets of Vodou and have undergone a long and intense training, before, during and after our initiation. I am continually learning, as is everyone else,and I hope to make this website better and better with each passing day. As a Houngan, I provide a variety of services, from lave tets, gads, wangas (magick), pwen cho, construct altars, give magickal baths, hold consultations, hold dances for the lwa, conduct initiation and much more. The website will have pages (within time) dedicated to these different things. I look forward to working with you.