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Come and see what ordination into Vodou is all about!

Initiation into the Vodou tradition is known as the Kanzo.  This is the single most life changing event in the Vodouisant's life.  It makes one a member of a family, strengthens spiritual abilities and capacities, causes change to one's world view, helps a Vodouisant's health, romantic life, and financial life, and lastly and very importantly it makes one a Hounsi, Mambo or Houngan.
One is empowered to call his or her lwa and have more control in that.  Divination skills are fine tuned and more insightful and powerful.  One's spiritual and magickal capacity reaches new levels, and results because of the work done in our tradition come faster and are more reliable. 
It adds years to one's life and creates the ability to be a healthier individual.  Not only that, but one now has a family to create a support system for him/her which provide the initiate with love and help from all angles. 
People that kanzo together are known as brothers and sisters.  The person that kanzos you will become your Mama or Papa.  We all help and provide support for one another.  It is the job of the Mama or Papa kanzo to help his/her initiates in their times of need.  Our Sosyete hopes to be having a kanzo ceremony in July.  Our kanzos are held in Jacmel, Haiti.  We will be assissted by initiates (of course) of our own house, initiates of other houses, Houngans and Mambos, our Medsen Fey and many more Vodouisants. 
For more information about the kanzo ceremony, feel free to email me at

Participants should expect to come into Haiti on July 7th and depart July 19th. 

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