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Hounsi Wilson


Introduction to my newest hounsi!

"Ogoun, se mwen ki la ye!"-Hounsi Wilson

Hounsi Wilson is one of the newest members of my society.  I am very proud to have him in my house and he is very happy to be here.  Hounsi Wilson is about 12 years old according to him, and is (now was) a street kid.  His mother left to Santo Domingo, and his father is leeching off of his wife.  Hounsi Wilson now has the support network of our house.  He is a very smart and bright child who wants to become a Houngan Asogwe.  We provide Hounsi Wilson with food and a place to stay like a family should do.  Hounsi Wilson is a very knowledgable individual about the Vodou tradition.  He is a very clever child.  He was very excited to become a member of my house, and begged to be kanzoed!  Of course we accepted him!  We love him. 
He told me to tell the internet community-
Hello, how are you?  I hope one day some of us may meet.  We can sit and talk about Vodou at Papa's house.  Hope to see you soon!

Have something to chat about with Hounsi Wilson?  Email me at
Hounsi Wilson can be contacted only through phone