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Home Clean Home


Do you know what is crawling around your house?

  Your home is a very important place in your life.  It is your castle, your center.  This is where you live, sleep, eat, drink, bathe, etc.  Did you know that your home can be or become spiritually unclean?  There can be clusters of negativity, spirits, and obstacles residing in your home.  A spiritually filthy house can cause you pain, misfortune, obstacles, confusion, and other problems and setbacks in your life. 
  "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is a common saying, and it holds true.  Having a physically clean house, means that spiritual problems can be easier detected, resolved, and better luck will be in that persons life.  So the first step in having a spiritually clean house, is to physically clean your house!  You should probably take a whole day out for this one.  Many people collect so many unneccesarry things during a lifetime, that according to how long you've been at your location will reflect on your time in cleaning.
  If you are moving into a new location, spiritually cleanse your home before you move in.  This will make things much easier in the long run.  It will avoid you picking up things, that may attach themselves to you, and create an easier set up process. 
  Get rid of anything that you haven't used in the past year and don't plan to use within the next six months.  Give away good clothing that you do not plan to wear within the next eight months.  Likelyhood is, that you will never use it if you have not used it within that time frame.  Give away toys that are not being used.  Throw away broken things and things that you never plan to fix.  Throw away junk and trash. 
  Then you need to clean your house.  This means pass the vaccuum.  Clean the trash cans.  Wash all the dishes.  Put clean sheets on your bed, and dress it.  Dust.  Sweep and clean all the mirrors and windows.  In short, make sure your home is clean from top to bottom.  Clean your altars, make sure they are clean too!
  When you are finish, you may decide to take a break!  Go ahead, you still have much work to do!  It is best to have a Houngan or Mambo come and spiritually clean your home.  But you can clean your home too, if you would like to see how to do this, click here: