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Danbala Wedo


The Lwa Danbala Wedo

Simple table to invoke Danbala Wedo

Danbala Wedo comes into the temple and creates the vibe of peace throughout the peristyle.  He appears in the form of a snake, and those possessed by Danbala slither across the ground.  Danbala and his wife, Ayida Wedo, are often provided with a tub of water.  The lwa may decide to "swim" in the tub.  He is also provided with an egg, flour, ojat, and maybe a cake.  Danbala never speaks, he only hissess.  Danbala also never stands up or walks around, for he shows himself in his form as a snake during his possessions.  Danbala is also known to give rain.  Thus, he is often pleaded with during times of drought.   People will complain about having the "sun on my back" and other references which refer to extreme heat, while Danbala is a lwa that provides coolness. 
A song for Danbala:
Ki mele mwen, Danbala, Ki mele mwen
Ki mele mwen, Danbala , Ki mele mwen
M pagen Mama, M pagen Papa
Danbala, ki mele mwen
What do I care, Danbala, what do I care,
What do I care, Danbala, what do I care
I have no mother, I have no father
Danbala, what do I care
He is offered syrup, an egg, anisette, white flour, and white cakes.
His day is thursday.

His color is white.

Danbala's traditional offering
an egg in white flour

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