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Houngan Hector


Who I am!

Houngan Gate Sa holds Ezili Freda's mushwa

Blessings to everyone!  I hope that all is well, and that I find you in peace, health, harmony, love and luck.
My name is Houngan Hector and I am an Asogwe priest of Haitian Vodou.  I lead Sosyete Gade Nou Leve which is based in New Jersey, but has members around the world. 
I have been serving Ginen since I was very young.  Growing up, I was always aware of the presence of the spirits.  The Lwa have made my life an amazing expierence and have helped others through me for many years. 
My grandmother, an espiritista, raised me and taught me many things about that very beautiful tradition.  Along with this knowledge she passed on information about herbs, magic, and other things.  Unfortunately, my grandmother, who was quite secretive of her practice, didn't have a chance to teach me everything she knew. 

I love my roots, but somehow I ended up in Vodou.  I feel extremely blessed to have been allowed to enter such a powerful, beautiful, revolutionary tradition.  Unlike many others in my family, the spirits that came to eventually claim me where of Haitian Vodou origin. 
The Lwa started making themselves known to me through the mechanism of dreams.  They would challenge me, bring me luck, and endow me with many sensational and sometimes startling gifts.  When they first came, I had no clue who they were.  I was also very stubborn and resistant to their orders. 
Eventually, I came to find out that the spirits coming to me where from the Vodou.  I was watching television and a short segment came on about Haitian Vodou.  The narrator mentioned many of the names I was familiar with through my dreams.  Finally, I was on to something.
I searched out more information on the Vodou tradition.  I came to find out that I was already serving many of the spirits in the way they where served in Haiti.  Many of the information I was reading was already familiar to me through my dreams.  I couldn't get enough information and just had to know more.
Eventually I gave in to their call.  I just had to.  They were constantly working miracles for me and improving my life.  Who wouldn't serve them?  They also brought me many clients, and until this day still are.  I was always amazed at how quickly and easily they would resolve my clients' problems.
Soon, I was to be in a big suprise.  The Lwa wanted me to initiate.  I was very nervous at the idea, and very hesitant.  I knew that initiation meant heavy responsibility.  It also means alot of work.  At first, just like service, I flat out refused.  Just like the first time, though, the Lwa broke me down and finally I got initiated. 
The Lwa have blessed me in so many ways, that I hope this website can give them some honor!  Maybe through this website, many people will have learned the truth about us Vodouisants and the Lwa we serve.  Many myths abound about our lovely tradition and dispelling them has always been one of my major goals. 
After my first initiation, I returned to Haiti to learn more.  I spent about the span of a year living in Haiti learning as much as possible from different Houngans and Mambos.  I spent much of my time studying with as many different people as possible.
I have since then re kouched or initiated again.  Now I am a member of a strong, authentic and great Vodou house with a wonderful family.  I continue to learn and grow within the Vodou tradition.  I do work for clients and have been working for clients for over the past 11 years. 
May God and Ginen bless you,
Houngan Hector