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A petition you can do yourself for your Ancestors


Helping yourself

  There are times when our spirits may be agitated.  They may be causing you confusion and problems.  One reason they may be doing this is because you did something out of line with yourself.  But there can be a number of things going on in one's life.  To correct you.  There are also times when they may plague you with insomnia, restlessness, and general nervousness.  The best way to calm your spirits and refresh them, to make them happy again, is actually to get a Lave Tet.  But, if for whatever reason, you cannot have a lave tet done, here is a small, simple work that you can do to calm them, even if it is only temporary.  Sometimes this is all that needs to be done. This is one very basic thing that I might do for a client. Now, of course, I do a much more complicated procedure that will work with that client well, to bring him/her success. This, of course, depends on a variety of things that may show up during your consultation.  Sometimes one cannot afford something more complicated done for them if they don't do something to clear the way.  Sometimes this is all you need.  I tell my clients how to do this when it will help their situation. Now, I can just direct them here, and I hope you will benefit from it to.  Again, this is an extremely basic, simple procedure.
What you will need:
-A white plate (It should slightly dip in the center)
-Three white taper candles
-Holy water
Take your three taper candles and cut each one into three seperate pieces, thereby, creating nine candles total.
Melt the wax on the bottom of each of these so that they can stick to the white plate and hold themselves up.
Pour a small amount of holy water onto the bottom of the plate, to create a layer about the thickness of a dime.
Lite your candles. Pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary.  Hold the plate to the four directions.  Then talk.  Talk to your spirits.  Tell them you need peace, you need their goodwill, their calmness. 
Place this plate on the altar, continue to talk.  After you are finished talking, allow this to burn out on the altar. 

When it is finished, clean the plate.  Sprinkle the holy water around the front door.  Save this plate to use for this purpose. 
This procedure can also be used to make specific requests from the ancestors and guides, with a few specific changes. Variations are made to make this work stronger for you if that is what you need.