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Magick is for ME!!!


The Truth about "Spell Kits" and other such things!

Hello Everyone!
I hope all is well.
I am going to explain a little about pre made magick sets.
In the course of a week, I usually receive anywhere from five to ten emails complaining about a pre made magick kit.  Usually it is the same story, "I bought the kit, that said it was such and such amount effective (or even guaranteed!) and I did exactly what it said, and it didn't work!  Why didn't it work?  etc, etc . . . "
The matter is this, when you go buy a pre made magick kit or spell set, such as are often found online, it is alot of the time be useless.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that they never work, or that they don't work necessarily.  I am simply saying that those type of kits are often ineffective.
This is because kits such as those are prepared for the masses, prepared by the masses, and consecrated in masses (if they receive any special ceremony or attention at all!).  As we all know, everyone in the world is an individual.  I am not Joe, and Joe is not Sue, etc, etc.  We all have individual problems, errors and other factors that go along with us.
Magick kits are not produced to deal with your problem individually.  Let me give you an example:
Lets say, for instance, that Melanie is trying to get Joe, her former boyfriend, to love her.
Now, lets examine the situation.  Melanie is trying to bring joe back to her.  Melanie and Joe may have broken up for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it was a big fight, maybe they moved far away from each other, maybe joe was cheating, maybe Melanie was cheating, so on and so forth.
Melanie has certain factors helping her and hindering her in her situation.  Melanie has certain lwa that walk with her.  She has certain other problems in life, like maybe fighting with her mom.  Maybe she has too many things on her plate for her to handle, so on and so forth. 
Joe also has certain things helping or hindering him from coming back to Melanie.  Maybe he just got a new job, maybe a relationship with an ancestor is discarded, etc, etc.
Joe and Melanie also have outside influences affecting their situation, environmental, familial, friendships, etc.
Melanie buys a "Return my lover" kit and it does not work!
Here are the facts, when someone commisions a Houngan or Mambo to do magick for him or her, most of the time we will suggest divination.
With divination, Melanie learns where her problem truly stems from.  Maybe all she has to do is feed an ancestor, maybe a bath will solve her problem, maybe she needs a pwen, maybe a Ezili is jealous of her and needs to be appropriated, maybe she needs to tie a wanga, etc.  There are an endless range of solutions for the certain situation. 
When Melanie comes to my house, tells me to give her a reading, then I can assess Melanies situation.  First, is it even worth going after Joe, or does she need to look for a new and better man for herself?  Divination will provide the answers, and with the information contained there in we will be able to guide Melanie into the right course of action, whether that is doing wanga, baths, or doing nothing at all.  Divination will reveal the root of the problem.  Many times if you can solve the problem at its root, which may or maynot even be related to the situation at hand, the problem will solve itself. 
Then suggestions can be made as what are the solutions to Melanies problems, and what does she have to do.
To give you a better example, I will give you something that happened here.
About a couple months ago, I was chillin, drinking some iced tea as I chatted away with an American Vodouisant (who we will call Jessica), who often attends the small ceremonies we hold here for the lwa.  About twenty minutes into a show we were watching, the doorbell rings.  I get up, and open the door.  There staning in front of me were two women, one crying and muttering(we will call her Ana) and the other patting her back.  The one patting her back, I recognized, she had been here for a work to return her husband about a week earlier (which by the way was already back home!).  She explained to me that her friend needed some help, and she brought her here to see if I could help her.  I invited them in and served them some iced tea, as we sat on the couch.
As I sat there, Ana started telling me that her life has fallen apart.  She has no place to stay, no money to her name, no job, nothing.  She had just come here from Pittsburg, Pa and her friend who brought her was allowing her to stay there for a couple days, but couldn't do it for long.  (Her husband was not at all very excited to have company).  She said that she needed to talk to Papa Ogou.  That over the past month, everything crashed down on her hard.  She just knew it was Ogou doing this to her
I explained to her that I do not work for free, but I would make an exception, on the base that she would return and bring some of my lwa fresh flowers.  She agreed.  So I went to the altar room, knocked to get in, and lit a candle.  You should of seen us, squeezed in there!  The altar room is a walk in closet at my house, and from here we start all our ritualizing.
So, I sat down and called Papa Ogou, I called and called and called and called and called and called and called.   I was just about to give up when Bam! all I see is black.  When I came back to my ordinary state, and my eyes were clear, this is what my friend Jessica explained to me.
Papa Ogou arrived.  He did not look too happy she said.  Ann had owed him something and Ogou reminded her that she never paid.  This cleared Anns memory, and she remembered about the promise she had made to him two and a half months prior.  She told Ogou that she really wanted  to pay him, but was broke, didn't have a job and couldn't pay him.  Jessica said that Ogou didn't seem to care about all that at all, he insisted on his payment.  Ann begged Ogou to please let her get a job, so that she could pay him.  Finally Ogou gave in, and told Ann that he would let her get a job, but he must be paid right away.  He then told her in order to get a job, to lite a candle for Legba and give him a glass of water.  That he would open the door for her.
Well, when I returned back to normal.  Ann thanked me, promised to return back with the flowers when she could, but that she would be back the next day, to have me assist her in giving Legba his water and candle.  I told her okay, and told her to keep safe.  Jessica then explained to me what happened (see above). 
Ann promptly arrived the next day to give her candle and water to Legba, we did this and three days later, Ann had a job!  Ayibobo for her.  She returned three weeks later, gave me the flowers and paid me to call Ogou for her yet again.  She brought in a whole bunch of things to give Ogou, a khaki shirt, a machete, a rooster, and more.  So I called Ogou and from what I heard he accepted the gifts, cleansed Ann, advised her and then went on about his way.
Now, do you remember the girl that brought Ann to my house?  She had apparently did the same thing that was prescribed to Ann in order to get a job too.  Well, she came back and explained to me what she did, and asked me why it didn't work.  I explained to her, that was particular to Ann and what she needed, that just because thats how it was for her, didn't mean that that is the way it would work for her!
So you see,  magick needs to be personal to the person who has it done!  It is individualized as you are, your path is, and your future!
Luck in all you do!