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Kanzo Senp


See what a Kanzo Senp is!

The kanzo senp, or simple kanzo, is a kanzo ceremony in which only Hounsi Kanzos are produced.  As you now know, the backbone of a Vodou House is it's hounsis.  For that reason, this version of the kanzo is the one held most often. 
  The majority of any Vodou house is made up of initiates at the rank of hounsi kanzo.  These initiates sing for the choir, dance during ceremonies, and do any other number of tasks that may be presented to them.  In some Houses, certain areas of the peristyle may be restricted to them.  Alternatively, they may also be only allowed entrance should they be accompanied by a higher ranking member.
  The kanzo senp is just like a regular kanzo, but it is shorter.  There isn't much more to describe in the differences.  Often the candidates that are going to be made hounsis will not bat ge.  This ceremony may be shortened to one night or not held at all.
  There ceremonies will start with the baths, and they will then be secluded in the djevo.  The Leve Kanzo will be conducted as well as the brule kanzo, the leve kanzo and the baptem.   
  This usually takes the period of a week.  They will then observe their 41 days, completing thus their initiation.  They will later on dessan kolye and feed them.   

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