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Inviting Blessings In


You now need to bring in blessings for you and your family!

   Before you move onto the next step, you will need to give yourself a spiritual cleansing bath.  This will remove whatever negativity you may have picked up.  You can take a simple bath made of the following materials:  holy water, hyssop, rue, and fresh water. 
  Remember to move with the bath from top down, in this way removing whatever negativity you have on you.  Take whatever remnants of herbs remain, and throw them under a bush with a few cents. 
   Now you have removed all negativity from your house.  It stands strong and tall, having its protections set.  You are now clean from negativity too.  You will now need to invite blessings, prosperity and luck inside.  For this you will need the following materials:
-a white candle
-glass of water
-a bucket of cool, fresh water
-Florida  water
-Siete Machos perfume
-Holy Water
  You will mix the herbs with the waters and perfume.  But them all together in the bucket.  It is best if you can use fresh herbs, and break these up in the bucket.  You can add a couple drops of rum into the bucket, as well as champagne.  Then light your candle.
  Talk to the spirits.  Tell them to make your home attract you blessings, prosperity, health, luck, all the good things in life.  Take this wash and clean everything.  Save a cupfull.
  To this cupfull, you can put loose change.  Put a dime, nickel, whatever in all the corners in each room.  This will serve to attract money to you. 
  Wash the walls, the window sills, the floor, the door frame.  Wash everything with this.  (Some people use the easy way out, using Chinese floor wash.  This is good as a small cleansing, but will not do in a larger cleansing like this.)  After you are finished, sprinkle some right outside the back door.  Then throw the rest outside the front door, along with whatever was left in the cup.
  Now light a white candle at your front door with the glass of water.  Let it sit there and burn itself out.  Make sure to libate the water to your spirits, after praying to God. 
  Whew!  That was alot of work.  Now your house is clean, you are clean, it is working to bring you blessings, and it is protected.  This big cleansing should be renewed about once a year.  You will also need to do small cleansings to the house in order to remove any bad things you may regularly bring in with you.