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Is Ezili Freda a lazy Lwa?


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  I often hear complaints that Ezili Freda is lazy.  That someone will serve her and see no results.  They will give her gifts, beautiful jewelry, makeup, expensive champagne, luxurious foods, and other things.  All this for nothing, because Ezili then never goes to work for the person.  I even know Houngans and Mambos, initiated Vodouisant, that say the same exact thing.  Let me relate to you a personal example:
  I once had a client who was seeking the attentions of  a certain man.  At that time, I had begun to try to develop a relationship with Mambo Ezili Freda.  The client, who we will call Mary, did not want a consultation, rather she wanted to skip straight to the work.  I told Mary that we would serve Ezili Freda so that she could attract the man, as she is the Lwa associated with romantic love. 
  A couple days later, Mary returned to my house.  She brought all the things I told her I needed to serve Ezili and tie a wanga on her point. She also decided to bring some extra gifts for her, as she knew that Ezili is a lwa of Luxury.  She bought Ezili a foot tall statue of Mater Dolorosa, some extra bottles of perfume, and some other beautiful objects including a ring.  So I served the Lwa and tied Mary's wanga. 
  Several weeks later, Mary returned to my house saying that nothing happened.  She was mad at Ezili because she had brought her alot of stuff and nothing happened at all.  I was already mad at her because I too had noticed she was lazy.  I gave Ezili a week to do what was presented to her or else.  I told her that if it wasn't done, I would throw away all her things.  Well guess what? She did nothing, and I threw everything away. 
  It didn't come until several years later that I learned how to correctly serve and work with Freda.  She came to me in a dream.  She instructed me to serve her.  I was very reluctant in doing so due to the past experience.  I served her anyway.  To my suprise, what I had asked for had come three days later!  This is when I started working with Freda much more.
  After that, Ezili Freda has become a very important Lwa here.  I never have any problem with her.  I told her, although, from the beginning that everyone works in this house.  I work, Danbala works, Ogou works, Danto works, and every other lwa that is served here works.  That if she was to stay here she needed to earn her keep as everyone else does.
  I've never had problems with her again.  I will have you know that Ezili Freda is an extremely powerful Mambo.  When she is served correctly, in the correct manner, she works and she works fast!  Her service is delicate although just like she is.
  Ezili Freda is a Lwa that would much rather paint her fingernails than work!  This is why it is so hard to get her to work.  She needs to be coerced into doing something.  Unlike other Lwa, it is hard for many to serve her and expect to get results.  She is also a Lwa that can be easily prone to jealousy over her servitors and men. 
  She is picky too!  If one thing goes wrong, or is not done to her tastes, she may decide not to answer the request.  She observes every last little detail when someone is serving her.  She is a hard Lwa to approach if you are new to Vodou.  In fact, if you don't take a bath before calling her she will not come! 
  She is strict.  Some people think that Ezili Freda is all peace, love, fluffiness, and sweetness.  Do not be deceived!  Freda is a powerful Mambo who punishes severely is she feels as though she has been jilted.  For men who serve her, she may keep women away from him.  She can make it hard for someone to have love in their life.
  Many think of Freda like this, and fear Danto.  One thing about Danto is that she will give you a warning before she punishes you.  She will let you know that you have done her wrong and that she will punish you.  Danto often will give you a chance to make ammends.  But not Freda!  Freda will not tell you that something is coming, in fact, she will smile at you and tell you everything is fine too!  Then when you least expect it, she will take action.  
  Freda can bestow great riches and gifts to a servant, but she can also take them just as quickly away should she be offended.  In fact, the person being punished is often left in a worse state than when he first served her!  So when you serve Freda, be careful.
  It should not come as too much of a suprise that this Lwa is hard to get working on your side.  All those things that she represents are hard to achieve in life too.  Riches, wealth, abundance, romantic love, luxury items.  One really has to work hard in getting these things in life.  (Unless you are born into wealth)  So naturally, trying to serve a spirit that represents all those good things is going to be hard work.
  One thing to do if you are having a hard time is to make sure everything is clean.  Spotlessness is something to remember when dealing with Metres.  Make sure that the altar is clean, your home is clean, and that you yourself are clean.  Make sure your hair is combed, clothes washed, and you smell good.  Take a bath before serving her.  
  Another thing is, do not spoil her!  She is an easily Lwa to spoil.  She is quite convincing too, and will try to convince you to spoil her.  But whatever you do, don't.  Remember the Lwa are like children, and spoiled children do not like to work.   Make her work for her gifts. 
  For example, tell her you will give her a ring, once you get such and such.  If she doesn't give you results, don't reward her.  But if she does work for you, make sure to pay her right away.  You don't want Freda mad at you!  If she doesn't help you, however, do not break.  She will most likely try to tempt you to give it to her anyway. 
  Freda is expansive too.  Alot of times, altars for her start real small and the next thing you know, she is all over the place!  She will intrude on other Lwas' tables and even in your own space.  Try to maintain a main altar for her, and do not let it overflow into your space.  Otherwise, you may find her looking and acting as if she owns all the space in your home.   

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