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Mambo Nikol


Introducing a new member of Houngan Gate Sa's Sosyete!

Ezili Dantor, one of Mambo's lwa

(Houngan Gate Sa:  I spoke to Mambo Nikol, who lives in Haiti, yesterday, and as I spoke to her, I recorded what she said, so I will be typing it here for her in English.  She asked me if I had built her web page yet, and so now I am)
Good Afternoon everyone,
I say hello to you in the name of Ginen.  I hope that everyone there is in health.  My name is Mambo Nikol and I am working with Houngan Hector.  I want to tell you a little about myself. 
I have been a Vodouisant since I was a little child.  My mother is a Mambo Sou Pwen, and  I learned alot from her.  I love Ginen.  I have a child too, his name is Chidev, I love him so much.  I work with many lwa.  Ezili Dantor, Ezili Freda, Azaka, Ogoun De Manye, and Legba.   I have many clients here and I work for people fast.  When I do a wanga, it walks!  I am very good at magick for love.  I also know how to give magickal baths, I am very good at that.  I hope that you will come visit me sometime, visit our house, talk to Papa about it.  Papa can bring you when he comes. 
Do you know what you need to do?  Do you have direction?  If you do not have any of these things, you need them.  Ginen has solutions for you, Ginen can help you.  Ginen is huge, Ginen knows everything.  There is nothing that Ginen cannot solve.  Serving Ginen makes me happy, it brings me joy.  It brings me laughter.  I sure hope you will come and serve Ginen too, and we can share these things! 
Everyone needs help sometimes.  Why not get it from something good? Ginen!  If you are poor, sad, lonely, sick, Ginen wants you.  If you are having problems, Ginen wants you.  Ginen loves it's children.  I hope you find your way to it.

Want to contact Mambo Nikol?  Email me at:
Contact with her can only be made by phone.