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Spiritually Cleaning the Home


  First you need to remove all the icky things in your home!

  The first thing you will need to do to spiritually clean your house is to compose an incense.  You will need the following materials:
- Incense Burner
- Incense charcoals
- Dried Red Peppers
- Sulpher
- Black Salt
- Bwa Kaka (optional)
- Black Coffee
- Garlic Skins
  All these ingredients you will put mix together.  You will put this aside, place your incense burner on a white plate.  If you have a swinging censer, swing it to cleanse your home but have a white plate to set it on for later.  You will also need a white candle.  Open all windows in your home and doors.  You will need to be away for awhile as the fumes of sulpher are poisonous. 
  Light the white candle. Pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary, follow it with the Apostle's Creed.  Then speak to your spirits.  Give them a libation of water three times.  Set the candle in a safe holder on your altar.  Light your charcoal and add the incense. 
  Walk around the house, starting at the front door and wave the smoke to all the walls, openings, everywhere.  Go around your whole house and again you will end at the front door.  Make sure to pay attention to closets and closed in spaces.  Make sure to get smoke into all the nooks and crannies of your home.  If you live in a two or three level home, start at the upstairs, bringing all that bad down, then work from the basement upstairs.  Then on your middle level, clean out to the front door.  Yell at the evil to get out! Talk to your spirits.

  Then you can leave, go out for a while.  Leave the incense burner still burning on the floor of the living room.  Make sure it is on the plate.  When you return home, you will need to close all the windows and lock them.  Keep your home safe. 
  This removes all the negativity from your home.  It will get rid of nasty spirits, negativity clusters, obstacles, etc.  It is a very important start.  I also suggesst putting up a picture of St. Michael above your door.
  Now that you have all the negativity out of your home, you will need to protect it.  Protect from that negativity coming back in!  You need some good protections put either in or around your house.