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Protecting your Home


As I said, you will need to set up some sort of protection!

  After you have removed all the negativity, you will need to put something in place to keep it from coming back, or new things to come in.  I am going to teach you a simple way to do this, many people know how to do this one. 
 In Vodou, works such as these are known as aret.  "Aret" means to stop.  That is because it works to stop things from coming, from occuring or stopping something that is currently in action.  Houngans and Mambos actually do more complicated works so that people can place these around their house, inside or outside.  These wanga are sometimes fed to keep the spirit working inside of them working. 
  If you are wondering why I am directing you to speak to your spirits, it is simple.  Those are the spirits you will be serving the most, your ancestors, those that walk with you, those you have a close relationship to, your Met Tet, etc.  Everyone walks with different spirits and although two people may have Ogou, they undoubtedly have different and other spirits they serve or walk with. 
  You will need four nails and some Florida water.  You will also need a candle, glass of water, and a metal plate or bowl.  Light your candle and pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary.  After this, speak to your spirits.  Tell them to protect you, your family, your home.  Tell them to fight for you, if need be.
  Then orient the nails to the four directions.  After you do this, place them into the metal plate.  Cover them with Florida water.  Lite them on fire.  Talk to your spirits, continue telling them to protect and fight for you.  Tell them to only let good enter your home. 
  Once cool, bury these four nails at the four corners of your house.  Again, when you plunge them into the earth, close to your home, talk to the spirits.  You can also put them at the four corners of your property line.  Your house is now a fortress.  Click here so that you can bring in the good: